I'm With Her - Lady Liberty Vinyl Decal

We honor the tens of hundreds of immigrant children who have donated art to the Fresh Artists Collection by publishing this charming and meaningful new decal for car windows or laptops. 
This powerful drawing of Lady Liberty was made by Sadia, a nine-year old child from a Bronx elementary school in 2016.
Sadia was part of our Silly City project, inviting children in NYC public schools to make illustrations of architectural gems and artistic landmarks in their communities. A collection of buildings, zoos, libraries, delis, famous fancy stores, people, animals and cars are made by more than 500 kids, then assembled via Photoshop into “streets.” We throw rulers and scale out the window…asking the children to DRAW “portraits” of these important components of their towns and cities - and boy, do they have personality!
Given the enormous majority of kids in the Fresh Artists Collection are immigrants, it was no wonder Lady Liberty is a runaway favorite!vLots of children chose Lady Liberty to draw. The submissions from this NYC school, from kindergarten to eighth grade, ranged from funny, to scary-stern, to downright joyfully silly. 
We chose Sadia’s drawing because She embodies the words we feel are the embodiment of this iconic American symbol - “welcoming, strong, happy, protective and inspirational.” Here she is in our Silly City tableau of Battery Park.


Printed in our Fresh Artists studio in Philadelphia

Sizes listed are the largest dimension, not to be used on walls.