Honored Elders - Kikkerland Puzzle

Honored Elders are Chip Art Program portraits featuring esteemed older people, prominent in the lives of our students. Pastors, aunties, grandfathers, teachers, foster parents, and even the kind bodega proprietor down the street are venerated as community treasures. The medium is as interesting as the subjects – obsolete paint color sample chips! Fresh Artists and their Senior Art Educator, Robyn Miller have kept literally tons of this throw-away product out of landfills by creating lesson plans for making brilliant paper mosaics on recycled cardboard. Finally, a really green art medium not involving used Styrofoam meat trays!

The 33 young artist/philanthropists whose art is showcased on Kikkerland puzzles are proud to know these unusual and sophisticated games will be in gift and museum shops throughout the world, generating funds to save art education in severely underfunded schools throughout America. Pablo, grade 9 told us, “I’ve had so much help in my life. I need to give back. Through my art, Fresh Artists will keep giving and giving – maybe for 50 years. Maybe for 100 years. Maybe forever. This makes me feel real good.”

  • 1,000 Pieces
  • 20"x 27" finished size
  • High-Gloss finish for vibrant colors
  • Designed in Philadelphia, PA

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