Clothesline Art Sale Kit

This grassroots program enables kids to make, show and donate their artwork
to raise funds to deliver art supplies to severely under-resourced public schools. 

One child or a group of kids can make art and then organize a Clothesline Art Sale to benefit a local school with empty art supply shelves. Schools, faith-based groups, neighborhood kids, scouts, families or a single child looking for a fun and meaningful project can host a Sale. Kit includes everything you need: simple step-by-step instructions for holding your Sale - A storybook for kids, a big banner, and lots of bright graphics to insure a successful event! Thanks to a generous gift from Sakura, each kit for qualifying schools also contains a class pack of Junior Artist Cray-pas!

Low-income schools hold fun, kid-driven Clothesline Art Sales for art supplies fundraisers. Well-resourced schools find Clothesline Art Sales are high-impact, philanthropic art-based community service projects. 

Qualifying schools (=/+ 70% F&RL) pay only the $14.50 USPS flat-rate shipping per kit - Apply Here
Non-Qualifying schools pay $45 plus shipping (these kits do not include Cray-pas class packs) 

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