Chip Art Program Kit

This program-in-a-box explores design, color theory, dexterity and Core math language. Each kit, produced in collaboration with BEHR Paint, packages end-of-life, recycled paint chip samples with an easy-to-follow lesson plan and step-by-step decorative wall poster. One kit provides enough paint chip samples for approximately 150 children for a year, since kids only use 2 or 3 cards per project. Immensely popular with teachers and kids. And Chip Art dramatically reduces waste going
to landfills!

Free refill chips for our Chip Art Kits are available on the Fresh Artists website. Thanks to our friends at BEHR Paint, our supply of these obsolete paint color chips is endless! All we ask is that you promise NEVER to take current color chips from paint stores! And we mean NEVER! Pinky promise?

Qualifying schools (=/+ 70% F&RL) pay only the USPS flat-rate shipping per kit - Apply Here

Non-Qualifying schools pay $35 plus shipping


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