Weekend Art Kit - Free To Students


Any orders placed for the Free To Student Weekend Art Kits that do not use the Special Discount Code provided to Students will be canceled. If you believe we've canceled your order in error, please feel free to email us at coolstuff@freshartists.org.

Our Mini Weekend Art Kit is a fun and educational “program-in-a-box” that uses paint color samples to explore design, color theory, dexterity and Core math language. Each Art Kit, produced in collaboration with BEHR Paint, includes easy-to-follow instructions and an assortment of brightly colored paint chip samples to make multiple paper mosaic artworks on cardboard squares. Scroll down to view photos and a full listing of items included in the Mini Weekend Art Kit.

All we ask is that you promise NEVER to take current color chips from paint stores! And we mean NEVER! Pinky promise?

If you need refills, you can order them by Choosing "Paint Sample Refill Kit" from the drop down above.

Each mini “Weekend Art Kit" contains enough materials for 3 kids to make 2 projects.

— Bright obsolete paint color samples chips
— 7 pieces of precut, clean recycled cardboard
— Super-simple “How To” instructions on inside box cover
— 6 pages of designs, ideas and inspiration art made by Fresh Artists' kids
— Small bottle of Elmer’s Glue-All & Thick Line Black Marker
— Ms. Miller’s Magic Yellow Chalk for sketching
— Small piece of Fabric for erasing chalk drawings incase of changes

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